Thursday, 26 May 2011

Due date

What can be said about my due date, other than that it came and went?

It's giving me no end of hassle! - This is because even though I know when I conceived, the hospital still decided to pull my official due date forward by an entire week as baby was measuring ahead at the 12 week scan. I knew, even back then, that this would come back to bite me in the
And now it has - I've got the consultants on my case, wanting to intervene as I have gone "overdue". I really want to have a VBAC and I want to give it the best shot - which is certainly not achieved by having my waters broken when my body isn't ready, and then having the clock ticking away which makes me highly susceptible to even more interventions if I then don't "perform" in line with their timescales.
Well, my last appointment went fairly ok - I told them in no uncertain terms that I didn't want any of this - but now that I'm facing another battle tomorrow, it does feel slightly daunting. I will be only 5 days over tomorrow, but of course that means being 12 days over in their books. I'm afraid they will really try to pressure me into some kind of intervention, and even though I know I will be able to fend it off it still takes a lot out of me at this stage in pregnancy, and self-doubts will probably come as well.
Anyway. Let's look at the brighter side. Teddy was born exactly a week after his real due date (yes, he had an adjusted official one as well!) and I'm not even at that stage yet, so it might happen soon anyway. Even if it doesn't, I can just go in for monitoring and have confirmed that baby boy is doing well (which he is, judging by his massive movements that make my belly lift off!). I can enjoy a few more days of what is most likely to be my last pregnancy; and I can spend a few more days with Teddy being my "baby" and spoiling him rotten with my attention.
That being said, I feel absolutely ready to meet baby boy now - I can't wait to see what he looks like, to get to know his personality, and have that snuggly newborn stage again (remind me of that in a couple of weeks!).

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  1. Woohoo, I think you'll be meeting him any time (if you haven't already! ;-)