Thursday, 30 December 2010

I've got a feeling...

... a feeling I can't hide, oh no!
-But let's skip the Beatles songs. I think I have mentioned before that I don't have a feeling - no gut instinct convincing me that this is a boy / girl.
Well, in a way I still don't have a feeling; or if I do I don't trust it. However, I have noticed that whenever I think of the baby I think of it as "she", as in "She's kicking a lot today", or "In X number of days we'll get to see her again", "Teddy's little sister". As soon as I think it it sort of catches me by surprise and I go "What? Who said it was a girl?" But I still keep doing it.
So as we have our big u/s tomorrow I guess I'll find out then if my unconscious mind was right! I am rather surprised that I think it's a girl, especially as I'm slightly hoping more for a boy. It's just this whole DH not wanting a third child business - I feel that if this one was a boy, at least I could have a shot at convincing him at some point (in the distant future...).
But oh well. In the end, it doesn't really matter, right? Above all I hope that this little one is healthy, growing ok and no other problems show up.
I'll also have my first appointment with the consultant afterwards so I'm quite excited about that too; though I've already been warned that most of my time will be spent in the waiting room!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Another year over, and a new one just about to begin...

Happy Christmas anda happy New Year, if anyone's reading!
2010 has been a funny year. There have been rough times, especially Molly's and my FIL's deaths. M and I had a minor crisis when it came to whether or not we'd have another child. We also had some financial difficulties - or rather, we had to work out what to do to avoid getting into financial difficulties. We tried, and failed, to buy a bigger house; and it's looking rather bleak on the housing market still.
On the plus side, we overcame our rough patch. We tried for another baby and got pregnant (although it did take longer than I would have liked). We are managing our money perfectly now and keep on saving month after month, and building up a nice little nest egg. The house that we live in is perfectly adequate for now and probably for another year still; and the forecast is that house prices will fall again next year.
Teddy has grown up so much. I mean, of course he has - he's a toddler and growing (and learning) like crazy. It's weird to think sometimes how much he can do now although I still consider him to be my baby; and how soon we'll have a "real" baby again and will have to start from scratch again. Yes, that does slightly scare me - not too keen on those first few weeks!
M has been fatastic this year. He helped me so much when Molly died; he finally came around regarding another baby; and he worked his socks off to provide for us all. I am truly thankful to have such a wonderful husband, although I do moan sometimes (a lot of the time?) that he doesn't do enough around the house. But you can't have everything, right? :)
So, I'm really looking forward to 2011. It can only get better! Teddy will become a big brother, and hopefully we'll find our dream house, and the rest is pretty much in place already! I feel blessed to have such a good life and let's face it, nothing really to complain about.
I hope 2011 will be a good year for everyone I know, in real life and online.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Sick Baby

As I'd feared in my last post, Teddy has come down with a big, fat cold, just like me. Only his seems to be getting worse. He was coughing so much last night it woke him up, and even after I'd been in to settle him he was breathing so hard it sounded like Darth Vader in his last stages. Even though it was 3am, I was wide awake as I kept listening to him breathing, and started to panic when I couldn't hear him - all of a sudden I remembered that SIDS is always connected to the baby having breathing difficulties, e.g. by having a cold... and yes, I know that he's old enough now really and that he would wake up if he really couldn't breathe anymore. But that still doesn't help when you worry your head off in the middle of the night.
So the next time he woke up I took him into our bed. M wasn't happy about this at all, but tough! I won't have my sick baby alone in his own bed when he's feeling so poorly. Of course, having Teddy in the bed meant that now I could physically not sleep anymore - first he shuffled into position as close to me as possible, so my head was half off the pillow and I was breathing in his hair. Then he started kicking his way around; and finally ended up snuggled up on top of the duvet, across my legs. Which meant at least I could breathe again, but I was fairly stuck and couldn't move my legs...
So it came as a bit of a surprise that we all overslept this morning! I'm currently working Friday mornings as well (just until the end of December) so today was one of those days where we really HAVE to get up at 6.30 to get ready for work and to get Teddy to nursery. Well, M woke up at 7.30 and we just rushed through the motions. I was only 10 minutes late at work, but  now I feel all sleepy-headed and not quite there - I do need my time to get ready in the mornings!
I'll take Teddy to see the Dr this afternoon, just to rule out a chest infection. Generally it's all a bit easier now when Teddy is ill, as he can communicate his needs so much better. For example, last night after his bath he pointed to the Calpol bottle (baby paracetamol) and said, "Teddy med-zen!". I wasn't going to give him any, as he seemed ok to me, but I still asked him if he needed to take his medicine. Teddy's reply was: "Yes! Teddy med-zen, good boy! Okay?" So he happily took his half spoon of Calpol without fussing (it used to cause him to vomit, which I think was always more a psychological thing than something physical).
Oh well, at least if we have it now, we'll be alright for Christmas! Let's just hope that M won't catch it off us now...