Friday, 18 February 2011

Been a while!

So with astonishment I notice I haven't updated this blog in ages. I totally blame my new iPhone for this- I got it for Christmas and haven't really bothered to get my laptop out at home since. Lazy! But then I realised I could also blog from my phone so here we go :-)
It turns out my feeling was wrong- we're having another boy! I am beyond thrilled. Funnily enough, when we had the ultrasound and I saw him on the screen I "knew" it was a boy. Anyway he was well and healthy (I assume he still is!) and I'm so looking forward to having two boys.
Of course now there is also the renewed hope that M might at some point agree to a third! But I'll probably have to wait and see; bide my time and be patient and not mention it to him. That being said I have already decided that I want baby #3 to be born in August or September 2014, ha ha!
Other than that I'm absolutely shattered today. Not only because of preggo tiredness and the fact we had Teddy's childrens birthday party today (there will be another one on his actual birthday), but also because Teddy's teething again and the past two nights woke up 5-6 times. It's just like having a newborn again! Well I guess it's easier as he's easy to settle and I'm not up for more than 5 minutes each time; but disrupted sleep isn't really something that works well for me. I can't say I'm much looking forward to that part again! We were so lucky with Teddy as he slept for long stretches quite early on - what are the odds of that happening again?
So on this note I'll finish this post, no doubt I'll be in bed very soon hoping to catch some zzz before the first wake up call...