Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wordy Wednesday

It seems that for many bloggers, today is 'Wordless Wednesday'. I on the other hand have just found some time to blog again!
So far, March seems to be a great month full of good news. My friend Emmy has had her long awaited baby, so has my EC friend Andrea - 12 weeks early, but her baby girl is doing extremely well! My best friend IRL has finally gotten her BFP, after half a year of trying and becoming increasingly frustrated. And to top it off, my BIL proposed to his girlfriend! I'm so very pleased and happy for every one of those people. March seems to brighten everything up a bit - the weather has also started to warm up and daffodils are blooming everywhere; beautiful yellow dots that spread spring feeling on roadsides, in gardens and parks.
M and I had a great date night; and last weekend I had a lovely day at a luxury spa- our Christmas do at work, a little belated! Furthermore, M and I have bought a new bookshelf and tidied up the living room; and a new wardrobe for the boys' room (and tidied that up a bit as well!). So things are pretty much in place for when baby boy arrives, which of course makes me feel good too!
M is about to start a new work project with his friend which they've got high hopes for. I'm still a bit sceptical ( but then I'm rather over cautious anyway) but if this really takes off it will be fantastic in terms of (fiscal) rewards; and I know it would make M so much happier as it'd mean he could spend less time dealing with annoying clients...
All in all, there's a very positive vibe in the air! Now this just needs to continue, ha ha.
Baby boy is doing well too, he's bouncing around like crazy most days which is very reassuring. I passed the yucky diabetes test so I can continue cramming my face with chocolate at every opportunity (more good news!). Now that we have decided on a name, I am really looking forward to meeting him! Hard to believe I'm nearly 8 months now... Although I do expect the worst for the weeks immediately following birth, I somehow know I will cope better this time... After all, I've already done it once and survived!

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